In this example, you will see how to switch from the GoPro fixation kit to the headstrap fixation kit. The operations are exactly the same for the reverse operation (only the fixation kit in place before and after changes on the pictures).

1. Unlock the handle of your māoï of 1/4 turn

2. Using an Allen key, unscrew and remove the screw that holds the handle. Remove the handle from the main axle.

3. With a small pliers, unscrew the axle to release the rubber washer and the in place fixation kit.

4. Replace the main axle, the rubber washer and the new support.

5. Screw the axle back in with pliers until the distance between the hole in the axle and the edge of the housing is approximately 0.5 millimeter.

6. Lock the other end of the axle with a screwdriver or a small block to bring out the screw hole in the handle.

7. Place the axis head in the open position and tighten the screw using the Allen key.

8. Lock the handle and test the rigidity of the fixing. If it is too loose, go back to step 5 and redo 1 turn on the main axle. If you have difficulty closing the handle, go back to step 5 and remove 1 turn on the main axle.