If it’s the first time you get on our Resource Center, start by creating your account by following this procedure. Otherwise, connect to the Thalatoo resource center

First, click on "all versions" in the " Māoï softwares & firmwares" tab at the top right of the resource center. Then download the latest version of māoï Firmware:

Using the USB cable, connect your māoï to your Mac or Windows Computer, open the DiveLog Thalatoo. If you have not installed it yet, please follow the instructions on this sheet.

In the menu at the top left, select "māoï"

Choose the latest version of firmware that you downloaded in the first step, click on the "check" symbol and wait 7 to 8 seconds.

Your māoï is up to date


Click on "Disconnect māoï" button before disconnecting the USB cable