If your headup display is a bit fuzzy :

1) If your māoï serial number is between 18010001 and 18010500

Your māoï optic probably have a manufacturing defect. Please contact our After Sales Service. Give your serial number. You’ll receive a new optic for free.

2) if you have vision problems

Myopia: a correction is necessary (contact lenses or corrective lenses)

Presbyopia: the image of the headup display is about 1m50 in front of your eyes. You should be able to read it without effort. However, if you use correction glasses, they should not be between your eyes and your māoï. It would then create optical interference that would distort the image of the head-up display.

Hyperopia or Astigmatism: please contact our After Sales Service for a better diagnosis of the problem.

3) in any other cases

This is an problem of alignment of the screen with headup display. This may be due to:

  • a misplacement of the māoï
  • or more rarely, to a mask incompatible with our fixation system. This is particularly the case for masks with a large volume of air. The optics of the māoï is then farther from your eye. It makes the image taller and out of the area of sharpness.

In both cases, do not hesitate to take photos of you with your mask on and send them to our After Sales Service (help@thalatoo.com). Our technicians will help you to find a good position for your māoï.