The māoï is not stable during the dive and you lose the readability. Be sure it is not normal: your māoï should not move during the dive! Our fixation kits have been validated to prevent the māoï to move, even when dropping into the water or in case of a light touch with fins.

We identified the 2 most common problems that induce an instability during the dive.

1. With the universal fixation kit (the one with a band and 2 suction cups). At least one of the two suction cups is poorly positioned

As the māoï is on our head, it's hard to see if the suction cups are positioned correctly or not. But when we are in front, it is common to see this:

In this picture, the suction cup on the left is touching the edge of the mask. Thus, it can not lie flat when you press it. This suction cup will not hold correctly on to the mask glass during the dive.

2 tips for a serene dive:

  • At the beginning, practice placing the suction cups in front of a mirror to learn the right gesture
  • Do not hesitate to ask your buddy to check the correct positioning of the suction cups.

2. The handle is not tight enough

You can simply improve the grip of the handle. You can see the images of this operation in steps 5, 6 and 7 of the chapter “Suction Cups and Mask Attachments” in the user manual.

1) With a small Allen Key release the screw of the handle (on the side of the handle)

2) You will then see the head of the metal shaft that passes through half of the māoï to hold the mounting bracket (Gopro-type bracket, fullface mask fixation kit or universal kit with suction cup holder). Add half a turn to a full turn to tighten the shaft (clockwise).

3) Put back the handle and its screw. Do not hesitate to use a screwdriver or a wedge to hold the suction cup holder (so that the eyelet protrudes when you put the handle back on it).